Wish Pearl

Tahitian Pearl Pendants


    Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Pendant with Plumeria Setting

    This is a beautiful chocolate Tahitian pearl that is set on 14k. gold ....

    $129.00 Details

    Round Black Tahitian Pearl Pendant Plumeria 14k. white gold

    This stunning 14kt white gold Hawaiian Plumeria Flower is accompanied ....

    $129.00 Details

    Black Tahitian Pearl Pendant Round 14k Yellow Gold Plumeria

    This stunning black tahitian pearl pendant is mounted on a 14kt yellow....

    $129.00 Details

    Cherry Tahitian Pearl Diamond Pendant SOLD OUT

    This pendant is uniquely sweet and artistic!

    $375.00 Details

    Tahitian pearl Pendant Eclipse diamond setting

    This Tahitian Pearl pendant is circled in 14k. go....

    $395.00 Details

    Tahitian Pearl Pendant Silver J with Diamonds

    A unique blend of gold, diamonds and Tahitian pearls this pendant will....

    $395.00 Details

    Tripple Plumeria Tahitian Pearl Pendant BESTSELLER!

    This clip pendant offers added secuirty for your Tahitian Pearls. The ....

    $395.00 Details

    Blue Tahitian Diamond and Gold Pendant SOLD OUT

    This beautiful Tahitian diamond pendant puts a modern twist on a class....

    $499.00 Details

    Box Pearl Diamond Chocolate Tahitian Pendant SOLD OUT

    This lustrous Tahitian chocolate pearl is beautifully showcased with a....

    $798.00 Details


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