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As you might have already figured out, coin pearls get their names from their form which is similar to shape of coins. Coin pearls offer those who wear them unique shapes and fashionable styles. They can either be worn by themselves without decoration as a strand or combined with crystals and precious stones offering an even more complex design. In this section you’ll find a collection of coin pearls we put together to perfectly match your tastes. These include our copper colored coin pearls with crystal spacers, purple and lavender pearls, all the way to our classic rainbow over toned crisp white strands.

All of our coin pearl bracelets and coin pearl necklaces are color matched. We have also recently put together coin pearl earrings with crystal spacers! With all these colors you might be unable to decide which ones to get. Be sure to check out our multi-colored earring combinations which offer multiple toning and coloring. Starting at only $39.00 these coin pearls are not only great value for your dollar but extremely breathtaking! Click the links below to start browsing items in this category and remember to check out our featured links where you'll find the latest specials and best sellers in this section!

Coin Pearl Bracelets

A classy copper pearl bracelet with character!  This bracelet is comprised of multiple coin pearls and ac....

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Coin Pearl Earrings

Spectacular and fashionable coin pearls have been added to our col....

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Coin Pearl Necklaces

Our collection of coin pearls were quick to make it to the bestseller list.  Its design explains it all.&....

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